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What have Wideview students been up to in the computer room?


At Wideview Public School, we have a thorough 21st century computer program designed to expand and develop our students’ computer skills and digital literacy. Students are able to use modern technologies and resources to enable them to collaborate, problem solve, create, design and publish to a global audience. This is all built upon a thorough foundation of e-safety and being a responsible cyber-citizen.

Students have access to:

  • Laptops, including individual laptops in Year 6
  • iPads
  • A computer lab with 30 desktop computers
  • Bee Bot Robot kits
  • Digital cameras
  • School wide WIFI
  • Interactive whiteboards in each classroom
  • Networked computer pods in each classroom
  • A variety of software and Web 2 technologies including:


    Older students also have the opportunity to operate the school sound desk during assemblies, or become a Tech-Head and assist with providing tech support to each class.


    Current Projects:

    Year 6: Building Berowra: Students are using 3D CAD design software and Google technologies to explore, design and model new buildings for the local area as part of their investigation into changing and growing populations.

    Year 5 students are learning the concepts of coding, procedures and debugging. Using the Scratch scripting language, they have explored computer graphics and digital art.

    Stage 2 students are learning to use Google Classroom and online tools to develop a learning platform to support their science unit, Day and Night. Their work includes animations, posters, videos and interactive e-books.

    Stage 1 students used simple music software to learn about beats, rhythm and composition.

    Kindergarten: Our youngest students have been using BeeBot robots to explore the fundamentals behind programming, coding, debugging and problem solving.