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Music Groups

Wideview Public School has a strong music program that supports and further develops musical proficiency for those who want to learn an instrument outside the classroom.

We offer Concert Band, Training Band, Guitar Groups, Recorder and Percussion Groups. Over 90 children within the school are involved in these extra-curricular programs. Each of these groups have many exciting performance opportunities throughout the year including community events, eisteddfods and evening performing at the Sydney Opera House!


Training Band
Our Training Band is great for students who are starting to learn a new instrument. Not only do students develop skills in their new instrument, they learn how to read and play as part of an ensemble under the guidance of our conductor. It’s always fun to play in a band!

Training Band will begin in Term 2.
Students are required to have their own tutors for their chosen instrument.
Training Band is better suited to students from Years 3-6.