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What are these “Blueys” about?


What is The Wideview Way?


If you are new to Wideview here is some background information on our ‘behaviour system’.


Pride, Respect and Responsibility


These are three words that the children, teachers and parents will hear throughout the year at Wideview.


We are currently launching a new program in the school – Positive Behaviour Engages Learning (PBEL). It is a program that focuses on building a positive attitude for all members of the school community – this includes the children, parents and the teachers.


The areas of focus are Pride, Respect and Responsibility. These have been identified by the school’s teaching staff as areas for the children to develop.


We even have a mascot to promote the Wideview Way. In 2012 the children had a naming competition and Wilson seemed to be a popular choice! So he was named Wilson Steven Bluey.


The children now have their own PBEL book for their classrooms. As they are given “Blueys” for demonstrating “The Wideview Way” they will glue them into their books. As the children accumulate Blueys they will receive certificates. And when they reach the top level they will receive a special badge which they will wear as part of their school uniform.


PBEL team